News > Nahavand will be a hub for strategic reserves of vegetable oil in the country

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Nahavand will be a hub for strategic reserves of vegetable oil in the country

Nahavand will be a hub for strategic reserves of vegetable oil in the country

The CEO of GTC said: considering the measures taken in order to increase vegetable oil reserves in the country, we hope that within the next two months at most, the storage center of Nahavand will be launched.
“Regarding the diffusion policies of the Ministry of Industry, Mining & Trade, 23 points have been located all over the country for this purpose”. Yazdan Seif added in an interview with Fars News Agency in Hamedan.
Among these regions, petroleum reserves sites which have already been established in the city, unused for a while, will change to one of the main locations for vegetable oil reserves of the country.
Referring to the fact that Nahavand is known as one of the main hubs for agricultural produce, he added: “since Nahavand is a focal point in producing cereals and oil seeds, we are planning to open our Grain Representative Office in the city.
Mentioning the serious actions taken by the officials for setting up an effective distribution system for essential commodities, the Vice-minister added:
“The enemies have targeted the people’s table and by exerting pressure, they intend to toxify people’s minds by highlighting managerial inefficiencies in the country.
He said: “the government is making endeavors to supply the essential goods for the people amid all restrictions and limitations imposed”.
He also highlighted the significance of supervising and monitoring the distribution network in order to prevent any deviation and corruption in the system. When the government is purchasing wheat at 26,000 Rials per KG and selling flour at 6,000 i.e, 220 trillion Rials of subsidies, it really requires an effective and strict system of supervision.
Tremendous efforts are being made in the process of supplying every single bag of flour. In case of smuggling, it would be a great loss to our national interest. So, it is absolutely essential to have a thorough supervision on it.
To date, precipitation has been outstanding all over the country this year. We expect to purchase 10.5 million tons of wheat from our farmers. This could mean a huge saving of currency for the country.
In another part of his interview, Saif talked about the economic situation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He said the enemies over the past 40 years have been trying to illustrate a gloomy picture of the future by highlighting the inefficiencies in order to make the youth hopeless and disappointed.
“Being optimistic about the future and inspiring hope are our key concerns. The way forward is not smooth and we should accept the duality of challenge and hope for achieving our goals”. He added.
Incremental, increasing and overall trend of pressure is the core strategy of our enemies. In 2002, we encountered the first round of sanctions, however we were enjoying seven routs for supplying our goods. During Trump administration, we are facing a new, complicated and thorough round of sanctions which are unbelievably stricter than ever. They have blocked almost all of the channels for money transfer available for us. This unprecedented pressure is aiming at leading us towards an unfair compromise and complying with what they want.
The Vice-minister of Industry, Mining & Trade added: “with all massive pressure exerted by the enemies, our situation in terms of strategic reserves and supply of goods is far better than that of the countries who have put us under such hefty pressure”.
By making a comparison of disasters and catastrophes and their impacts on different countries, he mentioned the cases of recent fires in some countries like Australia where it caused huge losses of creatures, animals and assets. Thousands of people lost their houses and possessions. But as we have witnessed in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s last year flood, despite incurring severe damages to people’s properties, it has been managed effectively and now we can see the people are moving to their new houses.
By stressing on retaining our social integrity, Seif believes that the enemies are now counting on social faults and are targeting gaps between various groups of society and disunity among position holders and parties. They want the managers and the whole system to become exhausted over time which needs us to be aware and conscious.
He finally added: “the enemies will back down if we are hopeful and make them disappointed.

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